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Personalising Care With Technology:

How Involving The Patient Saves Scarce Clinical Time For Early Interventions.

(Results Presented at the 2018 Health Informatics Conference)
Scholz, Fa and Saman,
K b,1,  Calvary Wakefield Hospital, b Personify Care

The health outcomes of surgical patients are increasingly dependent on their recovery after they have been discharged. As the average length of stay declines and pressure increases on clinical teams to deliver improved health outcomes with constrained resources, there is a need for post-discharge protocols to be delivered in a way that allows clinical staff to identify clinical risks early and intervene before they escalate.


Key Takeaways:

Working with a leading Australian hospital we showed:

  • 68% reduction in costs of managing patients 
  • Less time on admin / more time spent on patient care
  • 614 clinical risks detected early
  • 98% of patients would recommend service to friends & family


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Results presented at 2018 Health Informatics Conference




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